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Car Safety Technology

The Future of High-Tech Car Safety is Here Today

Thanks to the emergence of new car safety technologies, driving now is considerably safer than it was even a few years ago. Whether it’s emergency braking, an alert you that you’ve departed from your lane, or sending crash details to emergency services, more cars than ever are equipped to keep drivers and occupants safe.

Emergency Braking Assistance

This smart braking system is able to sense when a driver slams on the brakes in order to prevent a collision, and it applies additional brake force to shorten the stopping distance. Depending on the vehicle type, it also may preemptively brake if it can tell a crash is imminent. This type of collision mitigation technology usually works alongside smart cruise control or vehicle stability control.

Lane Departure Warning

Automatic Braking Can Sense Danger Before the Driver Does

A vehicle with lane departure warning effectively has a built-in rumble strip — a seat vibration or similar alert will let you know if your car is beginning to drift out of its lane. Some systems can even analyze the speed of vehicles behind you in order to warn you if changing lanes might present a hazard.

Responding to a Crash

Many newer vehicles are designed to keep occupants safe even after a crash. Some shut off the fuel supply to reduce the risk of fire, and others automatically turn on interior lights. Some vehicles are even able to send crash details to emergency services personnel. Of course, if you are involved in a crash with injuries, seek medical attention immediately. If the accident was caused by another driver, document everything involved regarding the accident and follow the advice of a car accident injury lawyer who can help you decide what steps to take afterward. But in the immediate aftermath, some car safety features will help ensure you are as safe as possible.

Expect Even More Car Safety Technology in the Future

As car safety features continue to be developed, more of these technologies are beginning to come standard on newer cars. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, consider looking for some of these features — they just might save your life.